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Our Approach

Mally Cox-Chapman
Known nationally for her work in philanthropy, Mally Cox-Chapman takes an individual approach to advising clients.

Private Foundations and Charitable Trusts
Effective family philanthropy comes out of careful planning, good governance, meticulous administration, and sound advice.
Private Foundations and Charitable Trusts

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We help Benefactory clients move from checkbook giving to inspired philanthropy. The key to successful philanthropy is focus. Because our clients are usually prominent in their communities, they are often asked for contributions.  Over the years of supporting the causes of others, sitting on boards, family tradition, feeling guilty and/or generally wanting to be helpful, our clients often come to us with a donation list that is scattershot, and barely reflects their values or their vision of how they would like to affect the world through their generosity. 
Benefactory will help you honor philanthropic obligations while tilting your giving towards what really matters to you. We will help you with the due diligence so that your generosity results in impact in the community and joy for your family.

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